I think as a human being we don’t really realize that getting through life at the lowest point could actually be a good thing.That there have been critical life events that had shaped who we are today, or even what you possibly learned from a big disappointment had eventually changed your life on how you see the world. I’m not saying this just from my perspective but from world wide view every single day we change ,not just physically or emotionally without even knowing its happening, because of the things we go through day in and day out; from the moment you were born to the moment you die.

“I have never come across anyone who has never hit a low point in their life. All of us one way or the other has been there! No two individual experiences are alike. There are variations to the way that you feel.”[1]JUST THINK ABOUT IT


For everyone its different , it could have been that you were angry ,sad , frustrated , or even where life just hit you so hard that the only thing you did was give up and not fight back.When it happens you don’t know what to do anymore , its like a chain reaction you let it go so far that once you have no control over it , its spirals from there and just gets worse and worse and eventually you have completely changed in who you are and have no control anymore.But you cant let that happen why? because giving up is like saying that you cant do it anymore and you know what happens? YOU LOSE.Yet there’s a way to get through it , even though its hard once you over come it , you can over come anything.You can scream to the world saying “YOU DID IT” you beat it and it feels so good.

“After I pulled myself out of the mud, I just stood there, opened my arms, washed myself in pouring rain, laughed a lot, and kept on walking

I still remember the sound that my shoes and socks were making, the soaking wet, muddy trousers…

…how did I bounce back in life? I kept on walking.

and now I am the director of information technology in a hedge fund in wall street.”[2]LIFE SITUATION(EXAMPLE)


That’s how I see life and that’s how everybody could or should see life why?.When something bad or life changing happens like a breakdown you bounce back and keep walking and whats the outcome? a good ending getting what you deserve because you worked so hard.Huh, isn’t that weird by overcoming this challenge in your life you end up getting what you want even if it takes a long time its totally worth it in the long run.It could have been a job , maybe someone to love, a family or maybe even just a place you can call home.You feel this huge amount of relief ,pride and even happiness. Relief because you know longer have this big boulder laying heavily on your back , pride because you over came something and learned from it as well and of course happiness , you no longer are in the stage of sadness, frustration or something even more.Do you know what they call that? a breakthrough.

“Breakdowns can create breakthroughs. Things fall apart so things can fall together.” ~Unknown

People need to realize that getting through life is not so easy its not a road that’s smooth but one with bumbs along the way but even though its bumpy, ugly , annoying and even scary because the car could slip and hit something along the way at any moment and stop.In the end its beautiful and you can call that your future and you know what? that’s greater then any other award.



What should your response be when something life altering happens?

1) Get into a quiet place, get away from everything and just relax a little bit.

2) Do not put up resistance to the place where you are , let that change happen. 

3) Take responsibility for what you are going through,don’t get mad at others, don’t but your anger on others, accept that this is all up to you.

4) It’s a good time to conduct a self-assessment, look at the person inside of you the person that’s still hurt from something and let yourself have some time to heal .

5) Get rid of all the dead weight , this has to do with getting rid of the bad things in your life, even if its short term or long term such as people in your life that are negative or people you don’t trust .

6) Don’t count yourself out , know that you have something that nobody has , something that makes you better then others. 

7) Share your thoughts , when I say that I don’t mean you have to go speak to some kind of therapist even that would be a great available option , but just talk to someone a friend, your family and even to yourself , trust me your not the only one we do it all the time with out even knowing it kind of like a inner monologue and lets clear it up right here that doesn’t mean your crazy. 

Once you have the ability of what you defeated , just imagine what you have now.Knowing that you beat it you seem to get these abilities that you never had before or possibly thought of but it was out of your reach. For me because I overcame even those little problems in life like when I was a kid, I became who I am today.When I was in elementary school I got bullied because I wore clothes that were considered a little boyish or baggy. Long story short I ended up achieving some abilities.I now stick up for myself, I don’t let people step on me , if I hear something I don’t agree on I will respond back, I fight for what I believe is right but most of all ,I could say that I achieved something in life and im proud of it because it made me and shaped me in who I am today.I know I get it nobody wants to face something life altering or life threatening or something that your afraid or scared of because you have heard what people have gone through and its sometimes painful getting through it because you struggle along the way but that’s whats makes it so great.If you look at the future of others that are truly successful today , they are the ones that got through these bumbs in their life and said “I DID IT , I WON AND IT FEELS SO GOOD”.



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  1. jpetrell3936 says:

    Hello! First off, I would like to say that I like this article! It seems to be well written and it is very intresting, but I think it needs to be proof read. You don’t capitalize a few scenes and also lots of sceneces need another space between the words. Another thig is that you use commas wrong. You need to make sure that they back the word ie, “hello, my name is…”
    you did it like, “hello ,my name is…” other than that, I enjoyed the article and there wasn’t any glaring mistakes that I caught. Good job!

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