Which one is better? The 1968 or the 2013 version of the infamous movie Romeo and Juliet


[1] Romeo and Juliet 1968

Differences in this movie from the 2013 version:

  • The opening is brought upon us by a narrator ,with a calm voice and begins with a really quick spoiler alert
  • The music is very old and considered very mystical but soothing and calm
  • Costumes of the Capulet’s and the Montague’s are the same but different colours
  • The fighting scene is very dramatic and a little “extra”
  • Benvolio is much more older and seems more wiser than Romeo
  • Romeo does not describe Rosaline’s name
  • Juliet is found running in the home and the maid following her
  • Romeo is found walking in the streets of Verona,Italy
  • Once at the Capulet’s party the music is very old fashioned and not at all modernized
  • Juliet leaves that party and looks back to look if Romeo is following

I think that this movie is a lot like the way we would think or see it in the book or play by William Shakespeare. For example the setting of the play ,by looking you could see that it’s time or setting is located in the early 13th century. Something they both have in common though is in Act 1 scene 1 when juliet’s father says “Juliet is my only living child,she is my hopeful lady of my earth”.Something that was the same but different was when Prince Escalus came in the colors were the same but in the 1968 version he was younger and in the 2013 version he was older.One scene in particular that was not only different from the 2013 version but a very dramatic one was when, the bell calls upon the Capulet’s and the montague’s during the fighting scene in the beginning,Romeo’s father is about to join in when the wife screams “Montague” and dramatically falls into the servants and whimpers a little.The costumes for the montague’s are darker colors like dark blue,dark green,and a little bit of white.The Capulet’s are red,yellow and some whites.


[2] Romeo and Juliet 2013 

Differences in this movie from the 1968 version:

  1. The opening starts off again with the narrator,but his voice seems deeper and the total opposite of the narrator in the 1968 version
  2. The music sounds very modernized in almost all the scenes that have music in the background
  3. It starts of with showing two men on horses which end up being a Montague and a Capulet,riding to get the “royal ring” to prove who is the best
  4. Prince , the Montague and Capulet’s are on the sidelines watching both teams fight for the ring
  5. Music is more excitement
  6. Capulet’s loose and the Montague’s team win the royal ring
  7. Juliet runs through a maze and the maid running after her
  8. Benvolio is younger but still wise
  9. Romeo is building a sculpture instead of walking on a pathway through Verona
  10. Benvolio talks to Romeo in here more than the other movie especially during the Capulet’s party
  11. Romeo does bring up Rosaline
  12. Romeo actually meets Juliet one on one and takes his mask off but also talks to her a lot

In this movie you could tell that it had an effect by the 21st century.For example the setting seems to be more modernized by the designs in the home and the music didn’t really have old fashioned music.Something they both had in common was the traditional dances that was taken from back in the 13th century.There scripting was about the same unless a scene happened that didn’t happened in one of the versions.What made me very surprised from this movie was the scene when romeo actually meets Juliet and takes off the mask!,I didn’t expect that at all.I think that would be something that would cause super fans to be disappointed in the whole movie because this one scene is very important but the story had originally had them meet later on in the story so they can actually talk and not during the party.The costumes in this movie were quite confusing ,because after seeing the 1968 I would expect the costume colors to be the same or a even just a little.But it wasn’t,it was the total opposite.For example the Capulet’s in the 1968 version were wearing red ,yellow and white but in the 2013 version the Montague’s were wearing those 3 colours which made it confusing.


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