Is It Justice:Death Penalty?

One of the most argumentative controversial issue in the justice system worldwide today is the death penalty also know as the capital punishment. What exactly is the death penalty? The death penalty is a form of punishment used by the government or monarchy, that executes a person he or she after being found guilty of his or her crime(s). The death penalty has been used for longer than we possibly realize, the first ever death penalty was dated back in the fourteenth Century B.C,“in the Code of King Hammaurabi of Babylon, which codified the death penalty for 25 different crimes.”Said by Death Penalty Information Center.Executions since then were really creative ,the imagination for the death penalty is quite crazy from eaten by a lion in a stadium in front of hundreds to hangings, burnings, decapitations, shootings ,lethal injections,live burial,drowning ,stone to death ,electric chair and so much more.You would think something like this would be a time of sorrow WRONG, sometimes the execution would bring joy from viewers or spectators and would draw a crowd.Does someone truly deserve a death in that way? I hope the answer would be its not even close, why? because its barbaric no one deserves to die in the most painful and embarrassing way no matter what you did because there’s always another way instead of taking another life.Is It Justice?

In a group of three Caitlyn ,Luke and I have made a T-Chart,causal model,our plan of action and a template of action based on our finding based on our topic,note that we are against it.

Plan Of Action 

The death penalty will never bring justice,there’s so many words to describe why but the one that stands out the most is inhuman.Don’t we live in a society where we always find justice for everyone no matter what,if we are going to end up killing a human being for doing something bad then we might as well just execute everyone,that’s what it really is if you execute someone that had killed someone but you go and kill them ,shouldn’t you get executed as well.“Oh look, this man just murdered someone! I’m going to show everyone that killing is wrong by MURDERING HIM! Ah yes, genius indeed.”Said by Anonymous, “It won’t cost as much” really it doesn’t?,well Death Penalty Information Center says otherwise,“cases without the death penalty cost $740,000, while cases where the death penalty is sought cost $1.26 million. Maintaining each death row prisoner costs taxpayers $90,000 more per year than a prisoner in general population.”That’s just on one day so why will you take a life of someone for that much and teach the world nothing but another way to kill or put as much money in and see that society will still take care of you just so that you can change your ways and become a better person and show the world that their is something called forgiveness.Prison is a way to get people back on their feet ,to be that “better person” to help them realize the difference between the bad and good and the right from wrong.Can a prison sentence change a person for the better? “Yes i’m proof I truly am a believer since I’ve been to prison for counterfeiting and had learned my lesson very well.That if I got out and continued ,prison would become a revolving door.This is the hardest way to learn what bad choices can do but for some of us the only way we learn.”Said by Anonymous

“I have never heard a murderer say they thought about the death penalty as consequence of their actions prior to committing their crimes.”
-Gregory Ruff, police lieutenant in Kansas

EDMONTON – After 13 years behind bars, mostly in notorious Guantanamo Bay, Omar Khadr, 28, was released Thursday afternoon from prison, promising to “prove to Canadians that I am better than what they thought of me.

“I will show them that I’m a good person. All I ask is to give me a chance, see me as a person and make an informed decision on who they think I am,” said Khadr, dressed in blue jeans, white sneakers and a black T-shirt as he stood outside the down town Law Courts Building.

The remarkable thing is that some people get convicted even though they are not guilty.

Authors of the study say that their “conservative estimate of the proportion of erroneous convictions, is 4.1 percent, or approximately twice the number actually exonerated and set free from death row. This could mean that approximately 120 of the roughly 3,000 inmates on death row in America might not be guilty, while additional scores of wrongfully convicted inmates are serving life in prison after their death sentences were reduced over technical legal errors.” by David Von Drehle More Innocent People on Death Row Than Estimated: Study.

That’s a lot of innocent people being sent to death for being guilty,is justice still served?,That is called murder for killing someone without being guilty for any crimes whatsoever ,what happens to the father ,mother,wife husband,daughter or son of the victim? a “sorry I just executed someone you loved for no reason…bye.”It just caused a family to lose someone they love someone they couldn’t say goodbye to ,an innocent life to be taken way with no remorse and possibly a generation of human beings from happening.If its about making someone suffer then prison is still the way to go.What if it was a mistake,what if you were there at there at the wrong place the wrong time,what if you learned from it,doesn’t everybody deserve a chance? In prison you suffer more than you possibly think,its a long process of suffering, for almost 24 hours a day you are in a small jail cell with a small thin bunk bed,with a toilet right next to you and possibly a room-mate that could strangle you,ask something they don’t care unless its life threatening ,food tastes horrible,people are animals you take cold showers in front of others, there’s a list of horrible things and to think you have to do that sometimes for your whole entire life.

If you still think its right think about it this way,from a different perspective.From yours, let’s say in this scenario you had killed someone,do you want to have the chance of redeeming yourself or would you want to instantly be sentenced for death,when maybe all you needed was a situation that bad to make you realize what you did wrong.

Plan of action:Activism From Teenagers

In an age of digital communication,civil activism is vital for the youth to participate in for various reasons.In the new millennium where social media is used on daily and opinions and thoughts of individuals are readily available,the youth have access to new information everyday; this information is where their own thoughts are developed.The youths participation in any forms of civil activism,such as protests in the forms of sit in and rallies,will highly influence those that will come after them.The youth are the future generation of this world and they are the key to changing the world we live in today.I think that because the youth can make the most difference,more than an adult in all honestly because we strive on own opinions,we don’t stop till we achieve our goal and we fight till we loose.For example Malala Yousafzai,she is known for her human advocacy for education and women,the girl who stood up for education.She was just one teenager,someone who fought for what she believed in even when she was shot,targeted and threatened by many she sill achieved her goal and ended up earning a Nobel Peace Prize.That was just one teenager.

Plan Of Action:Template

1 Create twitter and Facebook page supporting the mentally ill being put to death after committing crime To raise awareness for those who cannot help themselves due to mental illnesses and explain why they should not face the death penalty Not being able to work the website, no internet
2 Create a post about the mentally ill that are up for the death penalty to educate people and explain what the account is for and the importance So people have an understanding of the case and how it is unfair to kill somebody when they are mentally ill and physically do not know any better and that there is better ways to handle it such as sending them to rehabilitation or a mental hospital No people follow or like the account so they will not see the post, no one will take it seriously, just scroll over it and don’t even take the time to read it
3 Hold a protest and choose a date on the website To show the government that people care and that people have human rights and they should not be killed for committing a crime No one shows up, no one cares
4 Make wrist bracelets Count how many people wear their bracelet on the protest day to get a feel for how many people care No one wears it, people forget them or lose them
5 Call news cast to the protest To get the case out farther than just people on social network, so people who watch the news can get involved too News cast doesn’t come, no one sees the story on the news
6 Take it to the government So they know that people care and so they can realize what they are doing is wrong Government refuses to see them, or they see them and shut the matter down
7 Wait to see if it makes a difference That is all that’s left to do, just let things play out Nothing happens


Main Reasons Why We Should Take Away The Death Penalty:

  1. You cant take it back: Once its done ,its irreversible the person is gone and cant come back.
  2. It doesn’t allow criminals to learn from their mistakes or learn their lesson.
  3. Hypocritical (killing someone for killing someone)
  4. There is no benefit to killing a human being
  5. What if you were wrongly convicted what happens to the convict still out there?



For Death Penalty   Against Death Penalty  
  • A form of punishment of a person that committed a major crime 
  • More room in Jail  
  • Stops some people from committing crimes(Gives a warning to others) 
  • Closure for Victims 
  • Don’t have to think of the criminal coming in your life 
  • Technology helps prove guilty  
  • Justice is more taken care of 
  • Gives prosecutors another bargaining  chip in the plea bargain process which is essential in cutting costs in an overcrowded court system  
  • You could be wrongly accused  
  • Not learning a lesson 
  • Considered murder 
  • Hypocritical 
  • Cruel punishments( Electric  Chair, lethal injection)   
  • There are other more efficient ways to handle a punishment  
  • Gives out the wrong message 
  • Put to death-criminal can not undo the crimes they have committed 
  • Race and place determine who dies 
  • what if the one to be sentenced to death was mentally ill   
  • Job description-“I Kill People” 
  • Out dated, old fashioned 
  • Brings shame and ridicule against the country  
  • Why kill people, to show killing is wrong 
  • What about Human Rights? 
  • Does d.p actually deter? 

Causal Model:


Death Penalty:Stakeholders: 

Primary Stakeholder(Directly affected) Secondary Stakeholder(Affected but not directly) Key Stakeholder(Neutral-either or neither)
·         Family of both the accused and the defendant·         The victim or criminal themselves·         Lawyers(More time it takes more money they get)·          Religious groups(contribute a role in choosing if its within human rights to choose who dies or lives)·         Politicians(can become leaders and make people believe in their opinions,they can manipulate a sensitive object to get what they want you to think) ·         Friends of both side ,the victim and the criminal·         Community(drawing attention and end up with higher crime rates)·         Jury members(making those decisions)·         Taxpayers(having the role of paying for the cost of what the sentence is either to jail, prison or death ·         Government(Shows the opinion on d.p ,makes them stand out more)·         Economy(the money spent to put someone in prison or to death)·         Newscasts/reporters(report the news ,causes more viewers to watch and make money)·         Country/Capital(stops people from coming to the area because of how afraid they are)

The Death Penalty or Capital Punishment is righteously wrong,it is just a way of legal murder.The government/monarchy should have no right an any way to end someones life or say when it should end.Has history not taught us anything?,that something so outrageous like this never benefits and only causes damage to both sides.No one will benefit if one is gone and make you make another leave what’s that going to do?,something like this is not supposed to cause damage ,its supposed to teach about the damage done and to educate others that something like the d.p cant happen ever again.To not repeat history.Overall the death penalty is not justice,its just us. “To take a life when a life has been lost is revenge, not justice.”
-Desmond Tutu.

Perspective Of Stakeholders:

There are three types of stakeholder with three different perspectives.One stakeholder is called a “primary stakeholder;people or groups that stand to be directly affected positively or negatively by an effort,policy or organization etc,sometimes on both sides of the equation.”For example a lawyer would be a direct stakeholder with the death penalty.Next,is the secondary stakeholder,” people or groups that stand to be indirectly affected positively or negatively by an effect.” For example tax payers would be a indirect stakeholder with the death penalty Third, there is what you call a “key stakeholder people who belonging either or neither of the first groups positive or negative effect or effort.”For example news cast/reporters would be a form of both or neither direct or indirect stakeholders with the death penalty.A primary stakeholder with the topic of the death penalty could be a lawyer because during capital cases they are much longer,involve more planning/preparation and the more their is the more money they get.A secondary stakeholder with the topic would could be taxpayers, who have to pay for all the expenses that have to do with the capital punishment and are indirectly effected.A key stakeholder in this topic could be a news cast/reporters,the reason is that they make money of people watching the possible debates or stories of the death penalty which could go either or neither way depending on who the viewer is.




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