Celebrities: Adored By The Masses(Blogger Of The Week)

What exactly is the definition of a celebrity you may ask? The two common definitions of the word celebrity is,”a famous person,” or “state of being well known.”[1] Almost every single day we are surrounded by images or videos or other information about the everyday life of a “celebrity”.It’s almost impossible to go a day without hearing something about them,as if our life is surrounded by their well being,what they do,what they eat,what they wear etc. Don’t get me wrong it’s because of them that businesses make money off them based on all the gossip,their entertainment, or making fun of them thanks to all the paparazzi and leads to lots of people to look up to them.But is that a reason to let them off the leash for committing a crime or getting an easy way out? They get too much money then they actually should get even though they’re like you and I?

Celebrities get special treatment

It seems that there are two types of standards of the justice system,on one side you have celebs who get the easy way out and then there are rest of us “norms” that have to fight their way out. For some reason when celebs are in situations suddenly the idea of equal justice is not applied.

[2] Michael Vick Convicted

It has been a proven fact that celebs get special treatment and when I say that I don’t mean a ticket to the spa,but special treatment at court or when they get in trouble.For example a man named Michael Vick a football player was convicted in 2007 for the following.

 A dog-fighting ring in both federal court and the state court of his native Virginia. Despite years of denying that he was in any way involved in such activities, a search warrant executed in 2007 found a bevy of evidence against Vick at one of his properties in rural Virginia. Included in his dog fighting ring of horror was:

Rape Stand: An area where the female dog is tied down and left to be brutalized/attacked/raped by a string of male dogs.
Electrocution: Electrocuting the dogs ‘for fun and entertainment’ once they failed to perform.
Drowning: Slow drowning of dogs.[3]

[4] Lindsay Lohan convicted

He was convicted for 23 months in federal prison but his sentence went short because of “good behavior” and even after all that Vick was still allowed to go back to his career as if nothing happened.There was one celebrity in particular that I am pretty sure everyone is aware of, the famous Lindsay Lohan. While this woman has been jailed so many times that you would think the sentence would be harsh,but it never is. In 2007, Lohan was convicted of driving under the influence and sentenced to probation.

While serving her probation she pleaded no contest, which meant she didn’t refute the charges, but didn’t admit guilt either. Despite the fact that she later allegedly stole a necklace worth $2,000 in 2011, which is considered grand theft, she still was only put on probation.

Over the years she has been jailed on numerous occasions for violations that include drug and alcohol abuse, and even served a period of house arrest in an attempt to change her ways, only to be sent back to jail again.[5]

Do celebrities get away with crime more than ordinary people? [20]

If Vick wasn’t a celebrity he would have gotten convicted for the penalty  which is, “three years in jail with a $250,000 fine,”[6] just for having an illegal dog fight. Keep in mind on several occasions he had done this but still got less time and went back to his life as a football player,acting as if nothing happened .If Lindsay Lohan was a non-celebrity just for alcohol-related offences,which she has violated several times, should get more  punishment based on her violations.”Penalties for your third DUI will be harsher. Most states impose mandatory prison sentences for three-time drunk drivers.”[7] Another thing to keep in mind is that these rules are by the American states.A lot of celebrities seem to be getting away with just a slap on the wrist,but the average person would get days or years in either jail or prison,isn’t it unfair that someone gets the easy way out of something because they have the title of a celebrity,and now suddenly with that title you can get away with everything.When are we going to draw the line and go against it?, because if it doesn’t change celebs will get used to the idea of getting away with anything and it will get worse right now might be abuse and illegal uses but sooner or later it could be murder or rape. A celebrity is like you and I but it just so happens that there talents are better than mine that’s it! To be more specific ,celebrities in Canada and America are still under the law they live in that country so why is our rights suddenly different because of their title,in America they cherish the idea of “equality under the law.” For a Canadian we also cherish the idea of our “equality Rights” in the charter of rights and freedoms.So if we are all equal why is it that celebs still get treated like they have power when all they have is their title and money.

Hierarchical structure in hollywood:A-list to D-list

Celebs earn more money than other celebs because of the “list” they fit into.The structure is based on how famous you are in the world.Who knows you?,who wants to know you? and how good are you? An example could be Jennifer Lawrence,who is famous for her lead role in the movie series of Hunger Games.All around the world people recognize her so thats a check.Who wants to know her? I mean I sure do,even celebs want to know her! How good are you? She’s on the A-list you only get their if you’re the best.Which leads me to my next point in observing the difference between a A-list to D-list.( Not showing every celebrity)

A-List Celebs:[21]

  • Angelina Jolie
  • Beyonce
  • Tom Cruise
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Kim Kardashian(Don’t ask)
  • Brad Pitt
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Johnny Depp
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Ellen DeGeneres

D-list Celebs:[22]

  1. Carrot Top(née Scott Thompson)
  2. Frankie Muniz
  3. Randy Quaid
  4. Verne Troyer
  5. Vanilla Ice
  6. Haylie Duff
  7. David Hasselhoff
  8. Flava Flav
  9. Bret Michaels
  10. Rob Schneider


Celebrities are overpaid:

[8]Celebs being overpaid

[9] Celebs know that they get being overpaid


A celebrity makes too much money beyond belief.A-list celebrities make millions just for playing in one movie for example Brad Pitt.”Initial fees for roles in movies can hover around $10,000,000.” Even after all their medical expenses,charitable contributions,mortgage etc,they still have millions of dollars just to spend on themselves.

Number soon starts to dwindle: $300,000 for boat expenses; $300,000 for children’s expenses; $40,000 for medical expenses; $25,000 for charitable contributions; $10,000 for gifts; $486,400 for mortgage. After adding everything up, you come to a total expense level of $11,437,360 and a net income of $4,474,640 — plenty leftover to be living large. (Time to buy that second caviar statue!)[10]

Imagine it making millions just for one movie that takes about a year to finish and celebrities don’t just finish a movie and stop working even though they could literally do it and it would have been enough for the next 20-30 years.But instead they keep doing it and end up making more the 100 million dollars. So why is a person that goes in front of a screen just to entertain make more than “average” human beings that save lives and risk their lives? Why should a person who is good at kicking a ball,make more money than a doctor who helps to save lives everyday and never expects anything in return, a fireman or police officer that risks their lives day in and day out and only makes about 50,000-60,000 a year. An argument to that would be they affect the lives of millions of people in the world.I find that really hard to believe because just recently during the Fifa World Cup 2014 semifinals game between Brazil and Germany,after the game ended with a humiliating defeat of 7-1 not only did people get angry ,sad and left with disappointment and embarrassment, a Nepali girl commits suicide from the loss.

[11]girl commits suicide after humiliating loss FWC 2014

Kathmandu, July 9 (IANS) A diehard 15-year-old fan of Brazil in Nepal committed suicide on Wednesday after the South American nation’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Germany in the 2014 FIFA World Cup semifinal.According to Nepal Police, Pragya Thapa, 15, from Sunsari district in east Nepal, hanged herself  after some of her friends teased her that her team had suffered a humiliating loss to Germany.[12]

It seems that the argument is now clearly  useless to use. Committing suicide after a game is just one case that happened because of celebrities im not saying they caused it but that’s what happens when someone idolizes a celebrity too much,on top of that their have been many cases where a young girl who idolizes a female celebrity and would start feeling insecure or started trying to change themselves because of what celebs say or do to make themselves “look good”.It ends up with making them insecure if they don’t “achieve” that look.

Another argument that I have recognized is, “Consider all the money they donate to charity,” in many cases celebs actually have to give a good amount of their money to charity just for a publicity act,to get attention,awards and so forth.They get their faces everywhere and everybody talks about them when they “give”,they get headlines like “30 most generous celebrities,celebs who give back,” it sounds to me that means more pictures and cameras rolling on you,which means more interviews and leads to you getting more money that “you gave back”.

[13] Getting paid to tweet

Celebrities get paid for the ridiculous things ever that you will ever hear.Fun fact CELEBS GET PAID TO TWEET! “You could get paid as much as $10,000 for one tweet! But before you flood the Twitter stream with 50 blasts and wait for your $500K to roll in, we should clarify that you probably can’t make that kind of money in 140 characters or less. One can, if one is wicked famous, has hundreds of thousands of followers, and finds an advertiser to sponsor a tweet.”[14] It is unbelievable that they make that much money.

[15] Soldiers cant even get a decent place to sleep

Money for one tweet, just imagine that I wouldn’t even have to work anymore.While these people make thousands of dollars for sitting on their bottoms, on their phones and punching a couple of buttons(at least 140 words), a man is fighting for his life can’t get paid because the country’s economy is dropping for the reason that all the money has to be put in for weapons and artillery, while the celebs get favorited by 1.5k people and while another man becomes a number on a rock.

Celebs also get paid to go places for example Coachella. Coachella is a music festival the is held in Indio,Calif. “According to an anonymous source, a variety of bold-faced names would be receiving pay-outs in exchange for showing up — for example, that Lea Michele would get $20,000 from Lacoste to wear the brand while at the festival, and that Aaron Paul would be willing to strike a deal for $15,000.”[16] Also they even get paid to wear designer clothing! “A-lister Gwyneth Paltrow allegedly scored $500,000 to wear Louis Vuitton jewels on the same night. By 2012, Paltrow’s fee apparently doubled; Vanity Fair has said that that Chinese jewellery designer Anna Hu paid the actress $1 million to wear a single diamond cuff to that year’s Oscars.[17] Hey if they’re going to pay that much for someone to walk and wear what they want sign me up! The money never stops,im surprised if they started paying them for just walking on this planet.

Why do we care: Aren’t they like you and I?

We all know that we live in a world that is full of people that are different its what makes each and every one of us unique,but does that mean others should be treated better then you because they have something you supposedly don’t have ,that others get to get out of a difficult situation or get more benefits than others because you have certain title,that suddenly laws and responsibilities don’t apply to you? By letting celebs get away with certain things we are making it look like what they do is okay,that they can do whatever they want without any consequences, that just because they have this talent suddenly we give them anything including money and attention that they don’t deserve.For having a talent that almost anyone can do these days with our sources.In our generation we have come up with a way to make the worst singer ever sound like a million bucks,I have a talent do you see me getting thousands of dollars, allowed to break laws and still get attention I don’t deserve? No you don’t because I don’t have that title,the title of a “celebrity.”

What can we do to change this?

For one not buying their magazines that are full of lies and gossip,not watching their scripted reality TV shows,by taking more action against celebs being released when they shouldn’t be by protesting or by boycotting from watching them because without fans there nothing.For example their was a case where fans were paying way too much for tickets to watch celebs and on many situations people joined an action to make that change,like the,”#FootballWithoutFansIsNothing ticket campaign.”

For too long supporters have been exploited with their loyalty taken for granted. Ticket prices have risen far beyond inflation and this has already seen supporters priced out of their game.

In the FA’s 150th year we find that the ethos of the game in this country does not represent the same values with which the game was formed. Clubs tell us they need more money to be able to compete, that they need to charge more for tickets because other clubs do. The Premier League tell us that it is the clubs’ choice and that they are powerless in changing anything. All parties hide behind excuses expecting supporters to just accept them and begrudgingly continue to pay the high ticket prices to pay high paid footballers further extortionate amounts.

Supporters from different clubs are uniting to make a stand so that clubs cannot use the line they charge more so we have to, or that the Premier League cannot just say well attendances are good so everyone must be happy

These actions are just the start. Supporters from all clubs are now saying Enough is Enough and that Football Without Fans is Nothing.[18]


In a situation like this Celebrities need fans or they would lose everything,their money,their attention and possibly their jobs.So we can actually make a difference if we truly wanted to.We have to stand up and say something if we don’t then we let them go on with their lives without any worry to what they do and we make it easier for them to get away with things they shouldn’t because we can’t let celebrities get treated better than non-celebrities.

Now I would like to hear from you:

  1. What’s your thoughts on this topic?
  2. Do we pay too much attention to celebrities and too little to other things?
  3. Is there anything I should add or have missed?
  4. Name one celebrity that you think actually deserves the benefits they have



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6 Responses to Celebrities: Adored By The Masses(Blogger Of The Week)

  1. eivanski6650 says:

    Interesting article, and I completely agree that the influence, and legal immunity that some celebrities have is absurd and morally wrong. However, I disagree with you partially when it comes to the money aspect. Hundreds of millions of people watch want to watch football games for examples, and as a result, advertisers take advantage. Sporting revenues are making hundreds of millions of dollars and the money has to go somewhere, and personally i’d rather have it go to the athletes, then to a corporation.

    The argument that “Why doesn’t a doctor make 20 million dollars a year while this celebrity does?” simply isn’t fair. People are willing to buy the magazines, and watch the advertisements, and are entertained by this celebrity. Doctors , by the nature of their career, do not make that much money. And simply speaking, the world isn’t fair.

    I would argue, that if you enjoy scripted television, or buying tabloids, then why not do so. So what if i’ts making money for rich people. This person having more money then others doesn’t hurt anyone and these celebs taking advantage of the judicial system is a problem with our government, not the nature of celebrity culture.

    • lshibli5863 says:

      Thanks Elliot for your comment!,I understand what you’re saying but don’t you think that its too much and shouldn’t it be limited,I get the fact that you would rather have the money go to them then the corporations but for me I would rather have that money go to the corporations so they can keep the games going instead of having celebs wasting money on stupid things.

      By leaving it to the government won’t actually do anything as you can tell they’re the ones letting it happen its up to them to make those decisions and lets be real here the government doesn’t always make the greatest decisions when it comes to justice.

  2. sadli5478 says:

    Great post Laela! I was very interested in this topic and read through the whole thing agreeing with a lot of the points that you have made. Now, to answer some of your questions:

    What’s your thoughts on this topic?
    I do not think that celebrities should be extremely overpaid. As you have said, a doctor makes much less than a celebrity who only has to memorize a few lines and go out there and act. This also has a negative impact on society because people are risking their financial security to pursue careers in music or acting and are dropping out of school to do so. Furthermore, fame is like a drug. Everyone, even if they’re rich want to become famous, take Donald Trump for example, he has more money than he knows what to do with, but he still has tv shows such as Celebrity Apprentice. In order for true equality to exist, there needs to be equal treatment for everyone regardless of socioeconomic status.

    Do we pay too much attention to celebrities and too little to other things?
    Yes, a lot of people spend too much attention to celebrities. They get extremely attached to a celebrity or a group of people like One Direction and allow that to control their lives. What’s worse is that they spend large amounts of money on merchandise and concerts with the hopes of them getting noticed. When in reality, those tickets are extremely expensive and aren’t worth it. If we spent less time on celebrities, then they wouldn’t get as much money, and their wages would decrease. It’s time to recognize other things. Focusing on your school work, or contributing to your community is a lot better than wasting ridiculous amounts of time worshipping a celebrity.

    Is there anything I should add or have missed?
    I think that you did a good job at discussing the majority of the topics related to celebrities. You could explain why some celebrities earn more money than others and the hierarchical structure in hollywood, for example, why are some celebrities considered “D-list” and others “A-list?”

    Name one celebrity that you think actually deserves the benefits they have.
    With success fame sometimes comes along with it. For example, Bill Gates who created Microsoft. People who have actually worked their way up to earn their money should be credited. Although he earns billions of dollars a year, he donates a lot of money to charity and helps the world. He is one example, who is the complete opposite of some people such as the Kardashians who are literally, “famous for being famous.” This video shows some of Bill Gates’ citizenship and how he is trying to innovate and revolutionize: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fYA3_1HIZw.

  3. lshibli5863 says:

    Thanks Subhan for commenting.I totally agree with what you’re saying.Im glad you understood what I was trying to say about the money wise and honestly i find it bull that they can get paid that much and get away with it.When you said” In order for true equality to exist, there needs to be equal treatment for everyone regardless of socioeconomic status.” That was a great way to sum up that whole debacle about money.It is sad that people will go and work just so that they can go and buy these tickets that are way too expensive instead of wasting it on something worthwhile.Ill keep what you said as a reminder to myself when I start editing my work.It is true that their can be people out there that truly deserve that money like you said bill gates.Thanks again!

  4. mkhushmo4204 says:

    Very interesting topic choice for your Blogger of the Week. I agree that celebrities get special treatment from the law which is completely unfair. In your post you said, “When are we going to draw the line and go against it?, because if it doesn’t change celebs will get used to the idea of getting away with anything and it will get worse right now might be abuse and illegal uses but sooner or later it could be murder or rape.” There was an instance a couple months ago where Aaron Hernandez, a player for the New England Patriots, was convicted of murder and was sentenced to life in prison. I felt that this was fair for a charge of murder which is very different than the charges that Micheal Vick was convicted of. Do you think that this was a fair verdict, why or why not? If not, what do you think is a fair verdict? Here is the link for the verdict: http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/15/us/aaron-hernandez-verdict/. One improvement you can make to the blog post itself is fixing some grammar mistakes such as, “It’s almost impossible to g a day without hearing something about them,as if our life is surrounded by their well being what they do,what they eat what they wear etc.” Also, remember to put a space after each period and comma. Other than that, I felt that it was a great post that really got my attention and also showed a new side to the lives of these ‘important’ celebrities.

    • lshibli5863 says:

      Thank You for commenting! I will take a look at my blog post again and will edit it and add some things so thanks for pointing it out. I took a look at the link and based off what it says I think that it was a fair verdict, like it said in the article ” Being a pro athlete ‘meant nothing in the end” which is what I am trying to say in my blog post that no matter what the crime you should be treated fairly like anyone else especially when it comes to this situation.Based on the info they have against Hernandez it is fair that his sentence was for life.With the Michael vick they were more lenient but why should it be different from an animal or a human?

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