Top 3:Things That I Want To Do Before I Die(TOTALLY WORTH IT)

I have chosen this particular post for evaluation for the reason that I could fully explain the reason “why?” I want to do this particular thing before I die.I have thought about this for a while and it’s something I plan on actually doing someday,so I thought I would write about it.I feel like it reflects my growth,both as a reader/researcher and as a writer because as a reader I know what I want to look for when reading for example interesting points, to fully understand what their is about the topic as a researcher and to answer the questions as a writer.Recently, I did a post about “30 things that I want to do before I die” and because I am writing it again,I am adding an explanation of why I want to do it.Things that I will do similar would be adding a image of what it is so that the viewers could fully understand what it is and a definition for what it is.

#1 Skydiving: “The sport of jumping from an aircraft and performing acrobatic maneuvers in the air during free fall before landing by parachute.”[1]

The top five reason why I would do it:

  1. It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on
  2. Your Bucket List – cross it off my list GO SKYDIVING
  3. They call it Human flight(Flying!)
  4. Beauty and peacefulness
  5. Experiencing something people would call you crazy for

[2]:Experience Skydiving

Skydiving has been something I have been thinking of for years and im not going to stop thinking about it even if I do it.It something I have been hoping to be able to cross off my bucket list,its one of my top priorities.I feel like the reason why I like it so much is the thrill and excitement I get from it,probably why I love rollercoasters so much.Like I said it’s the most fun someone can have with so much clothing on.Skydiving is meant to have a lot of equipment unless you’re a professional or just want to die.Even if it has a lot of equipment its actually considered light.Plain and simple flying is something every man or women wants to experience,flying with friends and random strangers is pretty cool,you can do anything for the duration of getting to the point where you need to take your parachute out like flying on your belly, back flying,sit flying and more even if its your first time you learn quickly.People might call me crazy for saying its peaceful but many people have said that yes it is nerve racking but when you take that leap you could see why it’s so peaceful being high up in the sky thousands of feet above civilization and just taking a look.I love doing things crazy,not only does it make me different but I can say I did something others can’t do and I feel like thats a true accomplishment.

#2:Bungee Jumping: “The sport of leaping from a height while secured by a long nylon-cased rubber band from the ankles.”[1]

There are different ways to jump:

  1. Body Harness(Most common)
  2. Leg Harness(Most common)
  3. Arm Harness(this could easily lead to dislocated shoulders etc. It is not recommended)

Different types of jumps:

  • Swallow dive(By far is the best way:take a  leap away from the platform, arms stretched out wide like a bird landing and jump
  • Back dive(slightly harder:you must throw yourself into it so that you are pointing to the ground and not just on your back in the sky
  • Thrown(just get a group of people to throw you off)

[3]: Bungee Jumping

If I were to go bungee jumping I would get a leg harness for the reason that the less equipment you have makes you feel more light but I feel like I would start with a body harness for the reason that it would be my first time.If I did it more than once,then I would most likely use the leg harness.Being thrown off would be interesting but for the first time I would swallow dive seeing since its easier and more common as a starter.Some people have jumped off towers,cliffs, bridges etc. which I would like to do each and every single different version. However for my first time I would prefer to jump off a bridge into a lake thanks to all the photos of how cool it looks.Why should people go bungee jumping? Not only does it give you something you can tell your friends and family about but it also considered an extreme sport,therefore it gives you an adrenalin rush,which is the best feeling ever.It’s a great stress reliever, if you feel like you’re having a hard time in your life at the moment,pack your bags and find somewhere to go even if you’re alone it would still be worth it.If your friends a control freak take them out so they have something they can’t control.There could be a list of reasons why you should go but the main reason is that you will enjoy it and never forget it.

#3:Do something crazy: “Mad,insane,out of one’s mind”[1]

Crazy things to do:[4]

  1. Get in a taxi,point to a random car,and shout,” Follow that car!”
  2. Go camping with friends in an empty lot
  3. Jump in a freezing cold lake(with clothes)
  4. Play hide n’seek in a huge place like the forest at dawn or night
  5. Go into the store, ask what year it is,after someone answers,run out of the store screaming,”IT WORKED!”

[5]: Conquering my fear

Even though I would love to do all these,one thing in particular I would want to do is a “shark cage,” it’s not what you think like getting into a cage full of sharks,no it’s where you are put into a cage that is securely locked and put into the ocean with sharks around you.I know it sounds crazy,but I would call it conquering a fear,sharks are scary and seeing one close up when it’s not killing is totally awesome! It doesn’t sound like im scared but I feel like im they type of person that makes it sound like im okay with it….till I actually do it.Shark cages are extremely dangerous it’s like risking your life,there have been break-ins but luckily they make it out safe for the reason that the co-workers are ready for situations like these.Even though it is dangerous, conquering a fear means it is going to get dangerous, so im going to take that chance.

Doing a bucket list is actually hard not just because you have to set it up or look for the location to where you’re going, but you have to have the time in your life to just get up and go somewhere and on top of that, sadly not everything is free and on many occasions it does cost money.However by completing my bucket list especially these top 3 picked ones it would make me the happiest person in the world because I can say I completed another task in life and gained something from it. TOTALLY WORTH IT.


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