30 Things That I Want To Do Before I Die(My Bucket List)

“The only people who fear death are those with regrets.” ~ Author Unknown

1.Travel all around the world(Not the whole world but maybe places like Dubai,Morocco,New York,Istanbul,Rome etc.)

2.Go scuba diving /snorkeling and experience marine life up close

3.Take up a new sport

4.Sky diving



5. Bungee jumping

6.Horse back riding


7.Climb a building(Rope)

8.Travel on a hot air balloon




9.Do an extreme sport(ex. Paragliding)


10.Climb a mountain


11.Connect with a past teacher

12.Go to at least on Fifa world cup game

13.Visit past schools years from now

14.Change someones life(Positive way)

15.Give back to my family , friends and community

16.Performing a kind deed without wanting anything in return(Life long)

17.Make a difference in someones life

18.Inspire someone

19.Get a gift for a stranger

20.See the northern lights

21.Get a pet

22.Collect books for a living

23.Go backpacking


24.Create my dream room

25.See mother nature from a different perspective

26.Fly in a helicopter

27.Try something I never would think of doing(Nothing gross)


28. Conquer my biggest fear(When I remember what it is)

29. Do something crazy


30.Fly first class





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