30 Things That Make Me Grin Or Smile Like An Idiot

1.Inspirational quotes or Words of wisdom

2.Funny Memes

3. When someone says something simple but heartfelt: “I’m really happy to see you!”

4. My family( especially when we have our stupid moments)

5.Breaks during the year(Christmas break,march break,Summer break)

6.Holidays(Eid, New years day , Newroz ,family day ,Victoria day ,birthdays)

7.Weddings(I get invited to so much I lost count over the years but probably about 50 of them)

8.Going on trips(Kurdistan,America,Turkey)

9.Airplanes/Airports(I don’t know why i just love it,its hard to explain)

10.New episodes of my favorite TV shows(Once upon a time,Revenge,Rizzoli and Isles)

11.Helping those in need(knowing that im doing that right thing)

12.Making someone else smile(not much to say there I just like that feeling)

13.Waking up and realizing that I have another hour of sleep

14.Dinner with family and friends

15.Babies(they make me smile and grin like a fool)

16.Nice/generous people

17.Childhood memories

18.Random acts of kindness


20.Meaningful conversations/lectures

21.A WIN!(school teams, or even video games)

22.The feeling of accomplishments(when im finished all my homework and nothing to stress about)

23.Finding money on the floor(thats not mine)

24.Someone telling a joke that I literally can’t breath

25.Surprise Ass crack(when you unknowingly seeing it but quickly look away and act like you never saw it.DONT ACT LIKE YOU DON’T)

26.When My dad smiles(once in forever)

27.When I eat good food

28.When I see someone I haven’t seen in a long time

29.Knowing Im right

30.Having what I have(Im lucky with what I have like a roof over my head,water,food,friends and a family)

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