Compare and Contrast: The Balcony Scene (Graphic Novel vs. 1968 vs.1996)

Mr.Puley. ‘Caption This Picture (R&J: Balcony)’[1]

Romeo and Juliet has been one of the most popular story in history for over 400 years, written by William Shakespeare the greatest writer in the English language.In both poem and play one of the most famous scene in this story is the balcony scene.In the 20th century,two directors created their own versions or interpretations of not only the play but this scene in particular.In 1968, Franco Zeffirelli directed a version of the play where the performers played the part of people in 16th century Verona,Italy.Then In 1996,Baz Luhrmann created a different approach,he created a modernized version of the play set in Verona Beach,California.The two directors take very different approaches but both share lightness and darkness through the movie.



The 1968 version stuck to its traditional placing in the play,Juliet up on the balcony looking of into the night in her own world and Romeo under in the bushes,looking up at her having a monologue about Juliet and both exchanging words about their love without knowing completely and towards the end Romeo leaps up on a tree and kind of hangs over the balcony while they speak.However in the 1996 version it starts of with Juliet on the balcony speaking of Romeo.Romeo who is already there but not seen (yet) and tries to remain undetected ends up getting seen by Juliet,she is so surprised that she grabs onto him and they end up both falling in a huge pool.Words are exchanged in the pool ,they end up kissing  but gets cut short by Juliet’s name being called but Juliet goes back up to the stairs while saying their goodbyes and the end of the scene ends up in the actual traditional scripted way of Romeo looking up at Juliet on the balcony.

Zeffirelli- 1

Luhrmann- 0

The “balcony” scene is supposed to be on the balcony not the pool.


In the Newer movie,Romeo clumsily sneaks into the Capulet property where in the old version,Romeo is silent and stealthy.The dialogue parts of the movie seemed more better in the 1968 version in my opinion because it seemed more smooth as if they weren’t just reading from a script but the newer version seems like as if they were on stage,the 1968 they were really in the role being dramatic and all but altogether it worked well but when they did it in the newer version it seemed kind of robotic.The version from 1968 ,Romeo from the perspective as a viewer, you would think that he actually knows what he’s saying but in 1996 it doesn’t look like he does, and while doing something in Shakespearean language you have to know how to pull it off physically and emotionally.However both movies did stay true to the basic traditional scripts.

Zeffirelli- 2

Luhrmann- 0

Visual Styling:

Honestly right of the bat if i’m basing the visuals based on how fun or good it looks I would give the point to Luhrmann because everything seems to stand out more the clothing would be considered brighter compared to the 1968 version,the scene itself seems more fun then boring ,thanks to the pool and the shaping of the house itself. The modernization had most likely helped with that ,and the 1968 is just very old fashioned seems old and dark,boring but again if I was basing the point on this section based on the traditional version of the story ,Zeffirelli would most likely when the point.

Zeffirelli- 2

Luhrmann- 1

Overall the two movies have  a lot of differences but the characters lines,and the lighting brings them together.The movies for the most part were from the original story line by Shakespeare.Of course some lines were cut out and some lines were modernized.Either way both movies have told the story and reflects on moral lessons.


Zeffirelli- 3

Luhrmann- 1

Zeffirelli VS Graphic Novel

R&J Graphic Novel[4]

The reason why I want to face the winner of the movie vs the graphic novel is because the criteria of how I gave my points would be different for the reason that it is a novel and isn’t a movie so I decided to face the winner vs the graphic novel so that It would not only make it easier but more fair.I’m going to name the differences in the graphic novel and will compare to get my final winner.

Graphic Novel differences: 

  1. The setting looks like it’s set in the 13 century and follows the traditions of the scene
  2. It’s a comic strip
  3. There’s no audio or narrator
  4. The comic strip is animated
  5. The dialogue is 99% the same as the book
  6. There are words that are bolded and you wouldn’t know that in the movie
  7. There are clouds for their speaking parts
  8. Juliet looks almost bored
  9. You see the story from different perspectives or views
  10. Juliet and Romeo both look very different
  11. They look older in the comic strip


The graphic novel setting is a lot like the 1968 version with the traditional setting/theme and it taking place in the 13 century.But of course the graphic novel is animated and the movie is not.It’s hard to give the points because they are both practically the same when its comes to the setting.So now I would have to look at which one pops out the most it would be the movie because the graphic novel you are more focused on the words first then the pictures second.Plus you see the movements and everything play out.

Graphic Novel:0



Of course they both have the same character Romeo and Juliet.But in the 1968 version they look really young and the graphic novel they look older.The obvious point that the graphic novel is an animated cartoon version of the movie and makes it harder in the GN to see the emotions and all you see is their facial expression so you would have to really pay attention to the wording.While in the movie you can listen and feel the emotion plus see it happening.But in the GN it would be hard to hear that emotion play out and something like Shakespearean language you need to hear to understand and by reading it you would be guessing what the characters are trying to say.

Graphic Novel:0


Visual Styling:

Right off the bat I would give the point to the GN, for the reason that it a source of style that will stand out.Comic strips are made so that they stand out to the viewer first even before the words,it all the pictures and by animating them and making the characters cartoon like just adds on to the visual aspect,its a smart idea because you will get the attention of the viewer.They both take the traditional way of the setting and dialogue so its kind of difficult to choose so I thought I would just based the mark off of what catches my eyes first.

Graphic Novel:1



Graphic Novel:1


Overall it seems that Zeffirelli is the one to win,with his 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet the movie.All three movies/novel are amazing they all have their differences and their similarities but to pick a winner Zeffirelli with its amazing traditional/dramatic scenes and dialogue that seemed to beat both the graphic novel and Luhrmann movie.


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Man Warned After Thumb Thumb Biting Incident (Newspaper Article)

The Montagues and the Capulets brawl it out[1]

On Tuesday,June 4th, 1303 , from the house of Montagues Romeo ,Benvolio ,Abram, Balthasar and from the house of Capulets Sampson,Gregory and Tybalt had caused havoc in the streets of gentle Verona,Italy.

It all started with two servants of the house of Capulets, Sampson and Gregory,who had seen two of the servants from the house of Montagues,Abraham and Balthasar.

Sampson had bit his thumb at Abram and bad things started to happen. Benvolio and Romeo claimed to have seen the altercation and tried to step in and separate the fight before it got worse.But lady Capulet’s nephew, Tybalt, made an appearance on the scene, the old bitterness came to the surface and in the matter of seconds a fighting broke out between the two noblemen. It lasted for just a moment before Prince Escalus and his noble steeds finally stepped in and stopped the brawl before it could have gotten worse.In a booming voice Prince Escalus voiced ,”By thee,old Capulet,and Montague,have thrice disturbed the quiet of our streets and made Verona’s ancient citizens cast by their grave-beseeming.”

Mathamolio a citizen that was at the scene chanted.”Clubs, bills, and partisans! Strike! Beat them down! Down with the Capulet’s! Down with the Montagues!”

A man named Joffrey a young man that worked at the market, witnessed what happened once the fight broke loose, he recalled seeing a man named Benvolio intervene and shouted,”Part,fools! Put up your swords ,you know not what you do ,” But then Tybalt from the house of Capulets scoffed ,”What! You’ve pulled out your sword to fight with these worthless servants? Turn around,Benvolio,and look at the man who’s going to kill you.”After that Joffery claimed that all hell had broken loose.

Once the crowd had started to disperse, Lady Capulet mumbled before she disappeared into the crowd,”I think I have forgotten how it started.”

[1] Image by:


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Which one is better? The 1968 or the 2013 version of the infamous movie Romeo and Juliet


[1] Romeo and Juliet 1968

Differences in this movie from the 2013 version:

  • The opening is brought upon us by a narrator ,with a calm voice and begins with a really quick spoiler alert
  • The music is very old and considered very mystical but soothing and calm
  • Costumes of the Capulet’s and the Montague’s are the same but different colours
  • The fighting scene is very dramatic and a little “extra”
  • Benvolio is much more older and seems more wiser than Romeo
  • Romeo does not describe Rosaline’s name
  • Juliet is found running in the home and the maid following her
  • Romeo is found walking in the streets of Verona,Italy
  • Once at the Capulet’s party the music is very old fashioned and not at all modernized
  • Juliet leaves that party and looks back to look if Romeo is following

I think that this movie is a lot like the way we would think or see it in the book or play by William Shakespeare. For example the setting of the play ,by looking you could see that it’s time or setting is located in the early 13th century. Something they both have in common though is in Act 1 scene 1 when juliet’s father says “Juliet is my only living child,she is my hopeful lady of my earth”.Something that was the same but different was when Prince Escalus came in the colors were the same but in the 1968 version he was younger and in the 2013 version he was older.One scene in particular that was not only different from the 2013 version but a very dramatic one was when, the bell calls upon the Capulet’s and the montague’s during the fighting scene in the beginning,Romeo’s father is about to join in when the wife screams “Montague” and dramatically falls into the servants and whimpers a little.The costumes for the montague’s are darker colors like dark blue,dark green,and a little bit of white.The Capulet’s are red,yellow and some whites.


[2] Romeo and Juliet 2013 

Differences in this movie from the 1968 version:

  1. The opening starts off again with the narrator,but his voice seems deeper and the total opposite of the narrator in the 1968 version
  2. The music sounds very modernized in almost all the scenes that have music in the background
  3. It starts of with showing two men on horses which end up being a Montague and a Capulet,riding to get the “royal ring” to prove who is the best
  4. Prince , the Montague and Capulet’s are on the sidelines watching both teams fight for the ring
  5. Music is more excitement
  6. Capulet’s loose and the Montague’s team win the royal ring
  7. Juliet runs through a maze and the maid running after her
  8. Benvolio is younger but still wise
  9. Romeo is building a sculpture instead of walking on a pathway through Verona
  10. Benvolio talks to Romeo in here more than the other movie especially during the Capulet’s party
  11. Romeo does bring up Rosaline
  12. Romeo actually meets Juliet one on one and takes his mask off but also talks to her a lot

In this movie you could tell that it had an effect by the 21st century.For example the setting seems to be more modernized by the designs in the home and the music didn’t really have old fashioned music.Something they both had in common was the traditional dances that was taken from back in the 13th century.There scripting was about the same unless a scene happened that didn’t happened in one of the versions.What made me very surprised from this movie was the scene when romeo actually meets Juliet and takes off the mask!,I didn’t expect that at all.I think that would be something that would cause super fans to be disappointed in the whole movie because this one scene is very important but the story had originally had them meet later on in the story so they can actually talk and not during the party.The costumes in this movie were quite confusing ,because after seeing the 1968 I would expect the costume colors to be the same or a even just a little.But it wasn’t,it was the total opposite.For example the Capulet’s in the 1968 version were wearing red ,yellow and white but in the 2013 version the Montague’s were wearing those 3 colours which made it confusing.


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Finding Home In A Cold War (Based On A True Story)

It all began in the spring of 1988, in a small house on the mountains of Northern Iraq (Kurdistan). There was a man and women sitting in their living room with both sides of the family gathered around them, having conversations, eating and listening to the radio. It was a very peaceful moment. It all changed in a split second the radio was suddenly loud and a loud voice of a man came through it, “ATTENTION,ATTENTION EVERYBODY LISTEN NOW SOUTHERN KURDISTAN HAS BEEN ATTACKED FLEE THE COUNTRY OR GET TO SAFETY AS FAST AS YOU CAN IF YOU ARE FLEEING ONLY TAKE IMPORTANT BELONGINGS AND MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE TURKISH BORDER NOW”. Suddenly it went completely quiet you could have heard a pin drop. Everything went by so fast, they grabbed all their important belonging, traveled light and took the family members with them that decided to leave as well but most of the family didn’t want to and promised to be safe. So they had to say “Good bye” to somewhere they used to call “Home”. That’s the day where their journey started.

Over the next few days it was horrible for them they had to walk thousands of kilometers with thousands of people all following each other to find a safe destination in somewhere in turkey. Throughout the crowd people were talking and having conversations and the family had overheard that one of the soldiers in the area found out why Kurdistan was getting invaded and people were getting killed and severely injured was because Kurdistan was an oil rich region of Iraq and the monster named Saddam Hussein was trying to get power over that but he knew the Kurds wouldn’t just give it up, he knew they were rebels and fought for anything they believed in. So he knew it was going to be difficult to get especially if he was trying to run the region and possibly the country as well. He decided to just kill any Kurd in his path he didn’t care about how young or old he just killed the Kurds like they were nothing. That’s how the first attack happened on southern Kurdistan. It was one of the most horrible memorable moments in history all over the middle east especially for the Kurds to this day. The Halabja chemical attack (Kurdish: Kîmyabarana Helebce), also known as the Halabja Massacre or Bloody Friday was a genocidal massacre against the Kurdish people that took place on March 16th 1988, during the closing days of the Iran-Iraq War in the Kurdish city of Halabja in Southern Kurdistan. The family had finally found their way to the border illegally crossing it and making their way over to the city of Diyarbakir.

The day they made it to Diyarbakir was on March 19th 1988 it was humid, hot, sticky and made you claustrophobic. “How do you have patience in this kind of situation”. The man said.  They made their way to the camps. At the time the Turkish government was very helpful they had set up camps for the Kurds so they could have somewhere to live. It might have not been home but it was safe. About a year in of living in this very small camp the man and women had a little girl born on march 21st 1889 with dark brown hair and light brown eyes, even in the heart of a war they still loved and cared for her.  Now a family of 3.

 The next 6 months the war was still as bad as it was, news was getting out that people were getting murdered by Saddam and his army but they were getting stopped from the help they got from all around the world.People were trying to stop him especially with the help of the American army. It might have not helped all the Kurds yet but it was a start. The Kurds kept fighting they chanted, fought, and sacrificed but never stopped fighting for their people.

Over the next few days the family decided it was time to leave this wasn’t home for them, they had to keep going. ” My wife it’s time to move on we must leave”. The man said. ” Yes let’s leave tonight then we will travel with anyone else that is leaving as well”. They had gotten word that Greece was taking in Kurd refugees it was a long way there but they knew it would be worth it. They grabbed all their important belonging and made their way to Greece.

It took days of walking to get there they had to illegally cross the border of Greece to get in the country there was no other possible way. It was at midnight not just their family but also thousands of others, the security of Greece was horrible at the time so it was pretty easy for them to get through. On June 7th 1989 they found the refugee camps that the government had set up for the Kurds. Large numbers of Kurds migrated to Greece during that time and other parts of Europe. The city they were in was called Llioupoli they lived in that city for about a year and throughout the year finally got a job and had a little girl with brown hair and dark brown eyes born on June 25th 1990. Now a family of 4. Luckily for the mother that was taking care of the family wasn’t always alone at home while her husband was at work, she had her mother in law and other family members that would help as well. They had finally had enough money to have each family to have their own apartment but not in Llioupoli. They moved to the ancient city of Athens on June 27th 1991. The year went by very quickly.

Year 2 on March 5th 1992 on a sunny day a girl with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes was born. But wasn’t the last. Year 3 on November 24th 1993 a boy with dark brown hair and oddly enough hazel brown eyes that changed to a darker shade over the years was born. Now a family of 6. Even though they were safe they hoped that their family back home were still alive and safe.

About a month after the baby boy was born they had gotten such great news. They had got sponsored by United Nations which meant they were going to be sent to somewhere so they could finally start their new life in.Oddly enough they were supposed to be sent to a place called Australia but funny thing is they got switched up. They went through all the paperwork and finally had got accepted to a place called “Canada”.

 On January of 1994 on a winter night they were all sent to Québec they stayed there for about a month to get comfortable but it didn’t feel like home. In the February of 1994 they made it to Ontario, they finally made it to a destination away from the war. On March 28 1994 a girl was born with brown hair and brown eyes. Now a family of 7. The years went by, the war was dying out but was still bad, the family was growing up, the kids were getting the education they needed and for once something was finally peaceful for them. On June 4th 1999 a girl was born with dark brown hair, light brown eyes people said she looked a lot like her oldest sister.Now a family of 8.

 About 3 months with the new born. They got amazing news, news they had been wanting to hear for years, they got word that their family back in Kurdistan were safe. The parents wanted to visit them and that’s what they did. The family members were so surprised and happy to see each other they shed so many tears of joy. They stayed there for about a month and returned back to Canada.

 On December 30th 2006 Saddam Hussein was captured and sentenced to death for all he did. He was hung to death. Thanks to the help of the world especially America this monster was finally dead and off the face of this earth. “Finally” all the Kurds said. Through all the suffering of losing loved ones and people they had known, it was finished and they were finally at peace. On June 12th 2008 a boy was born with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was the last kid they had with finally a family of 9.

 The journey had finally come to an end, Ontario Canada was their final destination a place where they could live, take care of each other and love each other but that all happened only because this man and women never gave up. I am proud to say that the man Ahmet Shibli and his wife Khanni Shibli are my parents, because of the journey they went through, they taught me something in life, there story taught me that I should never give up on something I want to achieve, want, or believe in. For all they went through with all the sacrifices they made I am happy that my parents finally got what they always wanted and that was a place to call “Home”.

“No matter how dreary and gray our homes are, we people of flesh and blood would rather live there than in any other country, be it ever so beautiful. There is no place like home.”

-L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz


By:Laela Shibli



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Does true love exist?

→In my opinion I think that true love is when you put your partners interests above your own, it is when you will do anything to make them happy , even if it goes against what they believe.I do believe in love at first sight because people have done it before and is actually quite common. Is there such a thing as love at first sight? I do believe in love at first sight , because not only have I seen it but I have also heard it so many times.But its not really love at first sight but the term is considered still the same for example it might be love at first sight saying “that’s the one” but that’s not the only thing part of love at first sight it actually has to work out so the chances differ.Overall I still believe at love at first sight.

→I think that the song the power of love by Celina Dion is the best representation of the theme of love in Romeo and Juliet because it’s soft, it flows, it sounds poetic and its like its in the view of Juliet saying that to Romeo.Like the quote “cause I am your lady and you are my man”.The power of love by Huey Lewis and the news , its not the right song I think that because its sounds like to much fun, and it doesn’t apply to this kind of love.Especially if the song is implied the movie”back to the future”.For example “rich like cream stronger and harder than bad girls dream make a bad one good make a bad wrong right.That does not sound like some kind of love song.

→Love at first sight I think could possibly be in Romeo and Juliet but it depends on how you see the book and how you interpenetrate it. You ask a lot of questions about this story such as “is it love at first sight”? and Shakespeare devotes part of the play to this question.Romeo first sees Juliet during her parents banquet. His reaction  in Act I(to Act 1 page), scene iv shows that Juliet’s appearance greatly affects him:  O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!;It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night;As a rich jewel in an Ethiop’s ear- Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear!(act I, scene iv, 45-48).He says to himself, “Did my heart love til now?”(act I, scene iv, 53).Romeo quickly decides that he is in love with Juliet even though he has not yet spoken to her.


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Romeo’s Diary Entry 1

Dear Diary,

This is my very first entree and the only thing I want to say really is that I have seem to fall into some kind of depression.I have found out that my dear Rosaline does not love me anymore, I cant bare a life without her and I don’t want to.She has all the beauty you could ever see in her , without her im nothing.Luckily I have my cousin Benvolio who is trying to help me from falling further into depression , telling me that there will be others but I just cant seem to think that. I can’t just forget about the person, the girl, that I am in love with. Its not that simple and you cant simply forget that love.He doesn’t understand this kind of love its….its…true love in my eyes and he doesn’t know what its like to love someone and for them not to love you back. In till next time…… hopefully when I return my dear Rosaline will be with me again.

With a half my love(because half is Rosaline’s),


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I think as a human being we don’t really realize that getting through life at the lowest point could actually be a good thing.That there have been critical life events that had shaped who we are today, or even what you possibly learned from a big disappointment had eventually changed your life on how you see the world. I’m not saying this just from my perspective but from world wide view every single day we change ,not just physically or emotionally without even knowing its happening, because of the things we go through day in and day out; from the moment you were born to the moment you die.

“I have never come across anyone who has never hit a low point in their life. All of us one way or the other has been there! No two individual experiences are alike. There are variations to the way that you feel.”[1]JUST THINK ABOUT IT


For everyone its different , it could have been that you were angry ,sad , frustrated , or even where life just hit you so hard that the only thing you did was give up and not fight back.When it happens you don’t know what to do anymore , its like a chain reaction you let it go so far that once you have no control over it , its spirals from there and just gets worse and worse and eventually you have completely changed in who you are and have no control anymore.But you cant let that happen why? because giving up is like saying that you cant do it anymore and you know what happens? YOU LOSE.Yet there’s a way to get through it , even though its hard once you over come it , you can over come anything.You can scream to the world saying “YOU DID IT” you beat it and it feels so good.

“After I pulled myself out of the mud, I just stood there, opened my arms, washed myself in pouring rain, laughed a lot, and kept on walking

I still remember the sound that my shoes and socks were making, the soaking wet, muddy trousers…

…how did I bounce back in life? I kept on walking.

and now I am the director of information technology in a hedge fund in wall street.”[2]LIFE SITUATION(EXAMPLE)


That’s how I see life and that’s how everybody could or should see life why?.When something bad or life changing happens like a breakdown you bounce back and keep walking and whats the outcome? a good ending getting what you deserve because you worked so hard.Huh, isn’t that weird by overcoming this challenge in your life you end up getting what you want even if it takes a long time its totally worth it in the long run.It could have been a job , maybe someone to love, a family or maybe even just a place you can call home.You feel this huge amount of relief ,pride and even happiness. Relief because you know longer have this big boulder laying heavily on your back , pride because you over came something and learned from it as well and of course happiness , you no longer are in the stage of sadness, frustration or something even more.Do you know what they call that? a breakthrough.

“Breakdowns can create breakthroughs. Things fall apart so things can fall together.” ~Unknown

People need to realize that getting through life is not so easy its not a road that’s smooth but one with bumbs along the way but even though its bumpy, ugly , annoying and even scary because the car could slip and hit something along the way at any moment and stop.In the end its beautiful and you can call that your future and you know what? that’s greater then any other award.



What should your response be when something life altering happens?

1) Get into a quiet place, get away from everything and just relax a little bit.

2) Do not put up resistance to the place where you are , let that change happen. 

3) Take responsibility for what you are going through,don’t get mad at others, don’t but your anger on others, accept that this is all up to you.

4) It’s a good time to conduct a self-assessment, look at the person inside of you the person that’s still hurt from something and let yourself have some time to heal .

5) Get rid of all the dead weight , this has to do with getting rid of the bad things in your life, even if its short term or long term such as people in your life that are negative or people you don’t trust .

6) Don’t count yourself out , know that you have something that nobody has , something that makes you better then others. 

7) Share your thoughts , when I say that I don’t mean you have to go speak to some kind of therapist even that would be a great available option , but just talk to someone a friend, your family and even to yourself , trust me your not the only one we do it all the time with out even knowing it kind of like a inner monologue and lets clear it up right here that doesn’t mean your crazy. 

Once you have the ability of what you defeated , just imagine what you have now.Knowing that you beat it you seem to get these abilities that you never had before or possibly thought of but it was out of your reach. For me because I overcame even those little problems in life like when I was a kid, I became who I am today.When I was in elementary school I got bullied because I wore clothes that were considered a little boyish or baggy. Long story short I ended up achieving some abilities.I now stick up for myself, I don’t let people step on me , if I hear something I don’t agree on I will respond back, I fight for what I believe is right but most of all ,I could say that I achieved something in life and im proud of it because it made me and shaped me in who I am today.I know I get it nobody wants to face something life altering or life threatening or something that your afraid or scared of because you have heard what people have gone through and its sometimes painful getting through it because you struggle along the way but that’s whats makes it so great.If you look at the future of others that are truly successful today , they are the ones that got through these bumbs in their life and said “I DID IT , I WON AND IT FEELS SO GOOD”.



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Two atomic bombs in the same country and they call that justified?

A lot of people even to this day still talk about this topic.Was it justified or was it not?.Why did the leadership of the United States choose to drop the atomic bomb on Japan in August 1945, not once but twice?Its not an easy question , you might be asking why? well because of course everybody has their own opinions ,then theirs the fact about what the person must had seen or heard about this topic and how much knowledge they know about it.

Personally I don’t think its even close to being justified,why?.What the U.S did was an act of terrorism and look what happens when you don’t look at something from a different perspective.Both of the bombs had killed innocent men,women and children in a matter of seconds.There is no reason why it should have been more than one bomb dropped and for what so that the allied forces could say “WE WON” if that’s not murder I don’t know what is.There are so many words to describe the use of the atomic bomb but the ones that stand out the most are barbaric and disappointment.

“We had adopted an ethical standard common to barbarians”.Said William.D.Leahy.Fleet Admiral William Daniel Leahy was an American naval officer who served as the senior-most United States military officer on active duty during World War II.

Why the bomb was not needed, or unjustified:

  • Japan was ready to call it quits anyway. More than 60 of its cities had been destroyed by conventional bombing, the home islands were being blockaded by the American Navy, and the Soviet Union entered the war by attacking Japanese troops in Manchuria.
  • American refusal to modify its “unconditional surrender” demand to allow the Japanese to keep their emperor needlessly prolonged Japan’s resistance.
  • A demonstration explosion over Tokyo harbor would have convinced Japan’s leaders to quit without killing many people.
  • Even if Hiroshima was necessary, the U.S. did not give enough time for word to filter out of its devastation before bombing Nagasaki.
  • The bomb was used partly to justify the $2 billion spent on its development.
  • The two cities were of limited military value. Civilians outnumbered troops in Hiroshima five or six to one.
  • Japanese lives were sacrificed simply for power politics between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.
  • Conventional firebombing would have caused as much significant damage without making the U.S. the first nation to use nuclear weapons.



Around 2,400 American Naval personnel were killed in Pearl Harbor, and around 1,200 were injured. How is it justified, the bombing and killing of over 300,000 people, mainly CIVILIANS, due to petty revenge. Big deal, they killed 2,000 odd people; those people were military personnel. The people the Americans killed were mainly innocent civilians. Worse than the Nazis, at least they targeted potentially threatening points.Posted by: AceInTheHole

Based on this quote just this one reason should be enough to say its not close to being justified, if its justified to kill over 300000 civilians , thousand of injured people that were FOUND and to this day because of the toxic radiation people are still dying or are mentally and physically injured from it .If you still say its not justified then clearly you think the lives of civilians don’t matter. Yes i get it its the middle of a possible war zone and in a way it did end world war, but i feel like they should have taken it from a different perspective.Plus I don’t think people actually understand the difference between a civilian and a solider.A solider is risking his or her life to ensure the safety of ones country or people, signing some kind of contract perhaps , knowing that they could possibly die or get severely injured and I respect each and everyone of them for that. But a civilian is the total opposite they are not risking their lives , they want to be in a safe and secure place away from all the conflict.If you think otherwise then maybe it is justified.

Examples of what they should have done

  • Discussing more with both parties
  • Giving an ultimatum that helped both sides
  • Being more patient about
  • The U.S shouldn’t have threaten them with an unconditional surrender which leads me to my next point
  • Not dropping a bomb , knowing it will only cause havoc

What happened to the civilians and area exactly?












If you call that justified, than we are not human beings , what possible reason is there that this is okay?

Below is a copy of the “Unconditional Surrender” that president Truman had “bestowed upon” the empire of Japan.Stating a Ultimatum.


As you can tell from the document its totally unfair because theirs not one thing that helps the country.For example by taking away their military or reinforcements , would cause them to have no real protection which was really needed during the ww2 why?.If you don’t know already Japan is not an allied power which consists of Britain, America, Canada and more but for Japan they fall on the Axis power with Nazi Germany which means they are targeting each other and by being powerless means easily being taken over and Japan was not giving up without a fight.

Its disgusting to see what people will do just to win isn’t it? What were they thinking when they thought of this plan?Why an atomic bomb out of everything?

To answer that question I think all America wanted to do was be at the top , to be the big dog because for some reason they thought of this thing that if something were to happen in the world like a war or battle or some kind or crisis , America is there “FOR THE RESCUE”. Nobody sees the fact they always sweep in a situation when there not even needed for.Its gotten to the point that people actually start to believe the America has to be the one to do all the work and when they do there always right about the choice they make.Like this situation.

The atomic bombs saved hundreds and thousands of American Lives. That’s what it comes down to. We warned them it would happen…their response was f*** off…we showed them what we had…then they surrendered. Truman handled this perfectly.Said Jacob Cardwell YOUTUBE. From

REALLY I DIDN’T KNOW THAT , like obviously every single country that was fighting was at least fighting so that there people would be safe in one way or another EVEN though america wasn’t really at danger they hadn’t been a target yet and what makes it even more funny is that there “decision” makes them look like a hypocrite, why? because you say all this stuff about saving the civilians when you go kill innocent civilians THOUSANDS OF THEM.Answer to his response about “handling this perfectly” TOTAL BS like seriously? this was the best way, if it is i would choose the worst way it would have been better.

If you still think its justified you have no right to complain about 9/11.Americans meant to send a message to the Japanese with a bomb on their civilians.The terrorists meant to send a message to the US when they attacked the WTC. The message may have been different but both case to attack civilians to get the message across.If you say differently than its personal.

Its like their addicted to war or something.IF ITS NOT YOUR FIGHT DON’T STEP IN.

Yet Americans think of themselves as a peace-loving people, and we certainly don’t regard our country as a “warrior nation” or “garrison state.” Teddy Roosevelt was probably the last U.S. president who seemed to view war as an activity to be welcomed (he once remarked that “A just war is in the long run far better for a man’s soul than the most prosperous peace”), and subsequent presidents always portray themselves as going to war with great reluctance, and only as a last resort.BY STEPHEN M. WALT professor of international relations at Harvard University.From

When I think of America during that moment in time I think of a baby. Not just any old baby but a baby that is a sore loser and cries when they don’t get what they want.In this case the baby wants to have a lollipop but in this case it’s a bomb that can destroy anything in its path, an when there was none left and nothing to do with the left over plastic stick they throw it somewhere they shouldn’t have because it causes a mess in this case that was on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


I get it I do the fact that everybody has their own opinions but i feel like the reasons why people say its justified is because there ashamed that , that could have possibly been their country or that the man that had to something to do with making the decision was his or hers great great grandfather, even possibly just disliking on the Japanese culture or people and even to the extreme of being to patriotic .But Take that all away and just think about what I said , think about it from a different perspective.

I’ve been talking a bit about different perspective so I thought why not just see it from the source…

It is clear that the majority of the citizens of the United States, faced with a moral dilemma larger than they could handle, had little to no visible concern for the Japanese people, but instead concentrated on the future of atomic energy, thereby avoiding the then present situation surrounding the newly released atomic energy and the effects that accompanied it.  The co-pilot of the Enola Gay, Robert Lewis wrote in his diary shortly after his plane dropped the bomb on Hiroshima:  “My God, what have we done?”. Yes, what did the United States do, but more importantly, what did it not do?.From

Still think its justified?If that’s not enough proof you must be in denial.


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